We are a super small team trying to build forecast tools to help you surf more.

-You’ll notice the 10-day swellmaps are now for premium SURFERforecast subscribers only. We just completed a refresh of the swellmaps and have introduced a premium subscription to help cover the cost of assembling and hosting the maps.

– We’ve kept 4 days of free swellmaps for all users and the wind maps will remain free. We haven’t introduced any advertising into the SURFERforecast site/apps and we’d like to keep it subscriber supported 🙂

-We truly thank you for your support!

*Contact us if you any feedback suggestions or run into any payment issues (contact@surfable.co)


The SURFER Maps technology utilizes a series of nested numerical grids in order to provide predictive data for the 10-day nearshore map forecasts. These forecasts refresh daily at 3-hourly intervals.

We’re using US NOAA wave models to forecast waves at the global, regional and higher resolution nearshore transformation models. Additionally, we’re using some deeper modeling developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers for visual presentation.

These maps are reminiscent of the Swellwatch and Wetsand maps. (The colors represent the relative wave height OR period along the shoreline)


We require a credit card to sign up for a free trial, but you won’t be charged during the trial period. We will will send a reminder email to you a few days before your subscription starts. If you’re not happy with your subscription, you can cancel anytime.


Monthly Membership unlocks access to all 10-day forecasts

Zoom into your local spot on the shoreline to see the nearshore forecast

The Oahu Northshore map below has the best swell resolution of all our maps


Pricing :

10-Day forecasts are only available to SURFER Maps Premium Members.

30-Day Free Trial

1 Month Subscription: $2.99 US

12 Month Subscription $29.99 US

Purchase a Monthly Premium Membership Subscription to unlock unlimited access to all 7-Day SURFER forecast maps. Monthly Access is available for $2.99/mo which provides access for 30 days.

Monthly subscription automatically renews every 30 days. Annual subscription automatically renews every 12 months.


Contact us anytime at (contact@surfable.co). Also, here are our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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