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3/18/22 – 3/24/22: The month of March is going to continue on a fun note, as a nice mix of swells is expected to continue through much of the forecast. Our medium sized WNW swell mix from last week will be on the downward trend, but still showing some leftover energy into the start of this weekend. At the same time some smaller sized Southern Hemisphere swell will bump up, helping with size and consistency for those southerly exposed breaks. By Sunday morning the 20th, we’ll see a rapid increase in localized NW windswell, but along with mostly unfavorable conditions. Monday the 21st, waves will begin to ease with improving conditions. Size will mostly level out though the end of the forecast, with plenty of opportunity as more pulses of swell look to continue. 


We have a little bit of unsettled weather on the way this week, with the possibility of seeing a few showers. A trough of low pressure is expected to move through the region late Saturday and through Sunday. This will result in a few scattered showers for the region, and increased onshore flow. After the weekend, conditions will quickly improve for most mornings. By Tuesday the 22nd, a fairly strong ridge of high pressure will build over the region. Temperatures will climb above seasonal averages for the rest of the forecast. 


Best Bets 


– Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th will see a fun combo of swells with mostly light winds.

– Conditions improve as NW windswell lingers for Monday the 21st after Sunday’s blow through of west wind. 

– Still some rideable to fun-sized surf through the end of the forecast as more WNW swell shows.


Day to Day Breakdown 


Friday the 18th: 3-4+ feet 

A pretty fun day of waves for most breaks. Our WNW swell mix from last week will be hanging in there, and some south swell will bump up a bit more for the southerly exposed breaks. Best window will be in the morning, but winds look to stay on the lighter side, with some opportunity in the afternoon too. 


Saturday the 19th: 3-4+ feet 

Another day of fun, peaky surf. Similar size to Friday for most of the region. There will be a tad less NW energy running, and a bit more southerly energy showing as that Southern Hemisphere swell tops out. Morning conditions are looking slightly more unfavorable compared to Friday. That will still be the best window though, as a stronger onshore breeze looks to pick up. 


Sunday the 20th: 4-6+ feet 

More size across the region as fresh NW windswell quickly tops out. Some south swell will be in the mix too, just less noticeable with the dominant NW energy in the water. Not much opportunity this day though, as west winds are expected to get on it pretty quick. There may be a brief window early before things get blown out. 


Monday the 21st: 3-4+ feet 

Dominant NW windswell will be on the decline, as best size shows early. There should still be a little bit of south swell leftover which will help out the shape at combo breaks. Good news is that conditions look to improve, with favorable morning conditions expected to return. Not a bad day to target. 


Tuesday the 22nd: 2-4 feet 

Size drops off another notch as dominant NW energy continues to ease. The swell will be a bit weak, but the mid morning tide push should help out the dying swell. Morning conditions are looking favorable, possibly even light offshore. Warmer weather is expected too.


Wednesday the 23rd: 2-4 feet 

Size levels off as old NW swell mix drops, and new WNW swell slowly fills in. The morning will actually be a bit slow and smaller compared to the last few days. The morning winds should be fairly light, so there may be a few fun waves to track down. A little bit more size is expected for the end of the day, especially for winter spots farther north. 


Thursday the 24th: 3-4+ feet 

As of now, it’s shaping up to be another fun day. A new mid period WNW groundswell is expected to top out and hold through the day. There may be a bit of new long period Southern Hemisphere swell on the rise too. If the local winds cooperate, this will be another day to target. 


Long Range Forecast 


Good news, more fun surf is expected through the month of March! The North Pacific is staying fairly active for this time of year, as we’ve seen some more distant WNW groundswells as well as localized NW windswells. The next week or so should continue that way too. Also, the past few model runs have shown encouraging signs in the South Pacific, and by the end of the month and into April we should see the biggest Southern Hemisphere swell of the young season. Still a bit far out, but the consistency the swell models are showing is promising. Overall, lots to look forward to if you’re hoping for more waves.


– Jax Richards @jax6street


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