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Hope everyone got some waves this week during that good run of surf. This week is going to be smaller, but there will still be some fun waves to track down. The North Pacific is going to remain fairly active, especially for this time of year, and the South Pacific hasn’t shut down yet.


This means we’ll see a few rounds of small to medium sized WNW groundswells, and some smaller south swells mixing in underneath that dominant northwesterly energy. The biggest WNW swell of the week will peak on Tuesday November 2nd, and the biggest south swell of the week will peak towards the end of the forecast around Thursday November 4th.

*More details on these swells will be on the day to day breakdown.


Nothing big weather-wise to report this week compared to last week. We’ll see a gradual cooling trend from Friday into the weekend with mainly just marine layer and slightly less favorable conditions. All mornings will still see pretty light winds though, and manageable each day for a morning surf. Models haven’t been consistent enough yet, but there is a chance a storm system could enter the region on the last day of the forecast. It’s something to keep an eye on as local winds may trend unfavorable.


Best Bets 


– Leftover mix of swells with fair weather Friday. 

– New WNW swell will show best Tuesday the 2nd and Wednesday the 3rd.

– Mornings will see light winds with a rideable mix of swells all week. 


Classic Fall Conditions This Past Week | Photo @khph

Day to Day Breakdown 


Friday the 29th: 2-4 feet 

Leftover combo from last week’s WNW and south swell. Size will remain in that 2-4 foot range as a new WNW swell shows. Morning winds will be light, so it’s looking like a fun morning to target. Afternoon winds will remain on the lighter side too. Should be a nice day!


Saturday the 30th: 2-3 feet 

Small combo of leftover WNW and new south swell. Things should be pretty peaky for most breaks. Winds are looking like they may trend onshore, but it will be very light. Not as clean and big as the past few days, but there will still be a few fun waves to be had. 


Sunday the 31st: 2-3 feet 

Not much WNW swell left in the water, but there will be some rideable south swell showing. Morning winds will be similar to Saturday, with just a slight south wind on it. More marine layer and even fog is possible, just in time for Halloween. 


Monday the 1st: 2-3 feet 

Pretty small mix of swells throughout the day. Our new WNW groundswell will show in the afternoon, but will most likely only be a factor for breaks farther north like Ventura and Santa Barbara. Pretty light winds forecasted all day, with only a weak onshore breeze for the afternoon. 


Tuesday the 2nd: 3-4+ feet 

Biggest and probably one of the best days in the forecast. WNW swell will peak and hold good size throughout the day. The swell will be a tad selective, so winter breaks that are west facing and can handle the longer period will be best. Morning winds look favorable, so that will be the best window of the day for exposed breaks. 


Wednesday the 3rd: 2-4 feet 

Smaller than Tuesday as the primary WNW swell eases, but the morning will see fun waves. Bigger sets will linger through the first half of the day. Fresh south swell will begin to show, and could possibly help out of the some combo breaks. Definitely another morning to target.


Thursday the 4th: 2-4 feet 

More size possible depending on the forecast in the North Pacific. There will also be more south swell running through the day. Winds could trend unfavorable, but right now things are looking clean. Could be a fun day. 


Long Range Forecast 


Nothing major is on my radar at the moment. We could see more WNW swell from continued NPAC activity, but things are too far out to be sure right now. The South Pacific looks to remain somewhat active though, so expect more rideable south swell through the next few weeks.


– Jax Richards @jax6street

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