Very Off Radar World Class Surf In Patagonia

Tired of the crowds at your local spot?  Here’s a gem of a wave in Patagonia reminiscent of Barra in Mainland Mexico.

Below is a teaser, but you can watch the full 30min video here

Ofqui – A Thaw Surf Film (Ofqui – Deshielo Surf Film). For seven years now, we have been approaching the vast territory of Patagonia in different ways, and this time, we have been able to locate a site with world class waves. Crossing the Ofqui Isthmus, a stretch of land that separates the Pacific Ocean’s inland seas and is the only way to make it if you want to surf the shores of Golfo de Penas. This is a surf film of an expedition looking for the waves of the thaw (an exhaustible resource). Producer: Cripta Imagen

If you have the time and the means, the Isthmus of Ofqui is a narrow isthmus that connects the Taitao Peninsula with the Chilean mainland. The isthmus is bounded in the south by the Gulf of Penas, in the north by the San Rafael Lagoon, in the west by the Taitao Peninsula and in the east by the Northern Patagonia Ice Field. – Wikipedia

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