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10-Day Forecasts for California, Hawaii and The West Coast

Surferforecast southern California map
Predictive Data

A series of nested numerical grids provide predictive data for the 10-day nearshore map forecasts. Forecasts refresh daily at 3-hourly intervals.

Trusted Sources

NOAA wave models forecast wave heights at the global, regional and (higher resolution) nearshore transformation models.

Deeper Modeling

We’ve added an a deeper layer of modeling developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Familiar Visualizations

The animated maps are reminiscent of the Swellwatch and Wetsand maps. (The colors represent the relative wave height OR period along the shoreline)


    Southern California

    Point Conception to San Diego, plus Baja from Tijuana to La Salina

    Northern California

    Point Reyes to Pismo Beach

    West Coast

    Washington to Salina Cruz


    Nearshore and Offshore for the Hawaiian Islands

    Oahu (North Shore)

    Ka’Ena Point to Kahuku

    West Coast Pacific Map

    Surfer and Diver Approved

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