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  • Decreasing Surf. May Gray Weekend. Weather to Improve Next Week | Socal Weekly Forecast

    Overview  5/20/22 – 5/26/22: Nothing too noteworthy to report once again swell wise this week. That being said there should still be some fun/rideable surf through the region, particularly for the summer south facing spots. The primary energy in the water will be Southern Hemisphere swell all week. Size will show best towards the beginning […]

  • Smaller But Fun Surf This Week | Socal Weekly Forecast

    Overview  5/13/22 – 5/19/22: Although nothing too sizable on the way this week, another relatively fun week of surf is in store for Southern California. The first few days through the weekend will be on the smaller side as just a small mix of south swell and NW windswell mix in, but as we head […]

  • Swell on the Way | Southern California Weekly Forecast

    Overview  5/6/22 – 5/12/22:  Lots of swell on the way this week! The main story for most of the region will be the medium to locally good-sized run of Southern Hemisphere swell topping out this weekend. But we also have some very late season WNW groundswell mixing in during the same timeframe, and wintertime spots […]

  • Spring Mix, Red Tide and Colder Water Temps | S. California Weekly Forecast

    Overview  4/29/22 – 5/5/22:  Not as much swell as last week, but we still have a fun spring mix of swells on the way to SoCal this week. We’ll start off the forecast with a fun mid-sized Southern Hemisphere swell along with some minor NW windswell. This south swell will be the primary swell in […]

  • Smaller Week of Surf, But Further Out Looks Promising

    Overview    4/15/22 – 4/21/22:  A smaller week of surf is in store compared to last. Expect less NW energy out there and a bit more south swell in the water. Over the weekend an easing Southern Hemisphere swell from last week will be lingering but still showing rideable waves for southerly exposures. Just a […]

  • NW Wind Swells This Week in Southern California

    Overview    4/8/22 – 4/14/22: A much more typical spring week on the way compared to the record heat we’ve seen the past few days. No major swells expected to be in the water again this week, but definitely plenty of swell to be had if the conditions can somehow cooperate. We have a few […]

  • Mix of Swells to Start April in Southern California

    Overview    4/1/22 – 4/7/22:  Nothing too noteworthy to start off the month of April, but a fun spring mix of surf is expected to continue through this week’s forecast. There will be a few different pulses of NW swell in the water this week. One mid-period NW swell will peak early in the forecast […]

  • WNW Next Week | Southern California Weekly Forecast

    Overview    3/25/22 – 3/31/22: More opportunities on the way for fun surf as we wrap up the month of March. Both the North and the South Pacific will continue to help out, as we typically see this time of year. The main story this week will be a good-sized mid-period WNW swell peaking early […]

  • SurferForecast NFT’s

    We’re creating a series of NFT’s called “8-Bit and Perfect“. We animated a few of our favorite “X Foot and Perfect” lineup photos.   This first one is what #DonDraper would look like (minus the cigarette in hand) in 8-Bit shredding one of our favorite Southern California spots.   We’re launching these as a way […]

  • Mix of Swells To Continue | Socal Weekly Forecast

    Overview    3/18/22 – 3/24/22: The month of March is going to continue on a fun note, as a nice mix of swells is expected to continue through much of the forecast. Our medium sized WNW swell mix from last week will be on the downward trend, but still showing some leftover energy into the […]

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