Socal Weekly Forecast (5/11-5/17)


After last week’s little breather from any substantial south swell in the water, things will start ramping back up again this week. The South Pacific was quick to wake up, with multiple storms that pushed through which will deliver some fun surf throughout the week. We’ll see multiple rounds of south swell overlapping from the 11th to the 17th. There won’t be much NW windswell showing this week, so it’s going to be pretty lined up as the south swells dominate. 

The conditions look manageable throughout the week with light winds in the mornings trending light onshore in the afternoons. Most areas look to have marine layer in the morning even as high pressure builds over the region midweek. So pretty typical May gray pattern, but the winds will be light enough to score some decent surf for our run of south swell on the way.

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Best bets, tips

  • Target the mornings throughout the week with lighter winds and tide push.
  • Fun surf all week, but the Thursday/Friday morning tide push looks like the best window.

Daily Breakdown

Tuesday the 11th: 2-3 feet 

Smallest day of surf all week. We’ll see our first swell of the run build to a peak. This swell will have a bit more west in it than the next swells, and will show only 2-3 foot surf with some spots seeing slightly larger sets. Morning winds will be light. 

Wednesday the 12th: 3-5 feet (largest later in the day) 

The next swell already starts to fill in, with the largest surf showing late. This more southerly angled swell (~180°) will build all day with south facing breaks seeing the most size. Breaks that don’t get the straight south will be significantly smaller. Morning winds will be fairly light. 

Thursday the 13th: 3-5 feet (select breaks in OC could go larger) 

Fun south swell holds all day. South facing breaks see 3-5 foot surf while again those breaks that don’t get the straight south will be significantly smaller. Find a point or structure and target the morning tide push for the best window of surf. 

Friday the 14th: 3-5 feet 

As the second swell of the run slowly eases, another similar sized swell will show late in the day. The overlapping swells will show fun size and pretty consistent surf. Morning winds look fairly light again, maybe a tad onshore, but definitely manageable. 

Saturday the 15th: 3-5+ occasional 6 feet 

The similar sized south continues to build and tops out later in the day. Biggest surf will be found at south facing breaks and could be pushing 6 feet on the sets late. Winds look a bit more onshore than the workweek with possible south wind. Worth a surf if it stays on the lighter side.

Sunday the 16th: 3-5+ occasional 6 feet 

South swell holds steady all day. Size will be in that 3-5 foot range, with those south facing breaks seeing larger sets at times. The winds could be lightly onshore in the morning, but again worth a surf if it stays light enough. 

Monday the 17th: 3-5 feet 

The south swell will hold to slightly ease, still showing fun size surf all day. If the winds cooperate, it will be another day of fun surf for the south facing breaks.

– Jax Richards @jax6street

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